New Bail Bonds Review and Due-Diligence Website

Denver city jails need more bail bondsEveryone knows that bail bonds are a big problem.

First of all, anytime you NEED a bail bondsman, it means you (or your friend or son or whatever) is already in trouble. So …YIKES. You’ll probably be freaking out just a little bit if this is the spot you find yourself in.

So there you go…problem number 1. The customers who need bail bonds are in desperate need for a bail bondsman, and they need it right away. That means they probably aren’t thinking straight when they decide who to put their money into – and in most cases we are talking thousands and thousands of dollars.

This decision shouldn’t be made lightly!

The second problem is the clarity (or not) of the laws surrounding bail bonds fees and regulations. Some bail bondsman charge their own fees on top of their processing fees – is this even legal? Are they overcharging you? Are you getting totally scammed?

The premise of a bail bond is actually a really beneficial one! Bail bonds help people out when they’re in need, so they don’t have to sit in jail while they wait for their court date. If the person doesn’t have the cash up front, they can borrow from a bail bondsman for a small fee.

Where it gets fishy is when this “small” fee becomes outrageous. This is just due to a bail bondsman who knows they can get away with it!

Not cool man, not cool.

So here is a brand new website that was brought to my attention. This company doesn’t actually deliver any bail bonds. Their entire purpose is just to keep bail bondsman (or women) in check! Denver Bail Bonds will do the work for you – they analyze, interview, and scour bail bonds companies in the city of Denver and make sure they are all up to ‘snuff. And if they’re not, they get a really poor rating. And the good ones get to float on top!

That way for those that are in a pinch, they can quickly see what bail bonds can be trusted, and which ones can’t.

Not too shabby of a deal right?

And how much do you own this selfless company for doing all the heavy lifting for you?

Nothing man, not one thing.

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