Permanent makeup Denver is a growing trend. The process is, more or less, just like getting a tattoo. The only major difference is the designs resemble makeup, such as eyeliner. Some even choose to enhance the color of their eyelids or lips as well. If you’re thinking about getting permanent makeup, here are three things that you should know.

Natural Looks Work Best

Green eyeliner may be a trendy look right now, but will it still be in style 10 years from now? Always keep in mind that permanent makeup is, well, permanent. Opt for a natural look instead. Black or brown eyeliner are classic choices and will likely never go out of style.

Permanent Makeup May Fade Over Time

Without proper care, permanent makeup will fade over time just like any other tattoo. As a general rule:

  • Always apply sunscreen before heading out the door. This will protect your makeup from fading due to sunlight exposure.
  • Never exfoliate the makeup area.
  • Apply Vaseline over your makeup when swimming in the ocean or a pool to protect it from fading.

Touch-ups may be necessary at some point, but following these practices will keep fading to a minimum.

Working with a Qualified Professional is the Best Choice

No matter whether you’re looking for permanent makeup Denver or Los Angeles, you need to make sure that you choose a qualified professional to do the work. Unqualified technicians may come at a cheaper price, but the quality of their work is often second-rate. In fact, you may wind up having to seek out the help of another professional to correct the work of the unqualified technician. Professional permanent makeup Denver technicians will not only work in a clean environment, but use proper hygiene practices to minimize the risk of infection and other unwanted side effects.