Top 3 Denver Car Wash Services

denver car wash serviceGoing to get the car cleaned is something that we all tend to do. With the dirt and grim from the winter weather, ensuring that your vehicle is free from salt is essential to keep it from tarnishing the paint. However, many people choose to go right to the automatic car wash and never really think of the ramifications that an automatic system will have on the very vehicle you are trying to upkeep.

Automatic Brushes May Be Too Stiff

There are a handful of different kinds of washes to choose from – hand car wash, white glove, automatic, or full service.

Oftentimes, automatic car washes have very stiff brushes that are used to scrub the vehicle. If these brushes are too stiff, or brand new, they will often leave scratches on your vehicle. This will obviously be something that every person wants to avoid so that they do not have to pay for paint touchups.

With this said, there are “brushless” car washes that can be sought. While these are free of brushes, they are still able to clean your vehicle. However, they also have their own faults with the fact that they do not remove dirt seen near the wheel well or in other areas of the vehicle.

Hand Washing Removes All Dirt

There is something to be said for the person that hand wash their vehicle. While it may take double or triple the time, it is a lot more thorough than its automatic counterpart. In fact, washing your vehicle by hand allows you to remove dirt or debris from the vehicle’s rims, tires, bumper and door handles far more effectively than an automatic. Virtually every service will have an automatic wash and bays where you can use their high pressured water to clean your vehicle by hand.

The major benefit of an automatic car facility is that it takes a fraction of the time. While they are more costly, you do not need to get your hands dirty scrubbing your vehicle clean yourself. However, with the potential of missing spots or scratching a vehicle, it is often better to wash your vehicle by hand – especially if it is newer.

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